friendships – It’s Vermentino Dickhead

friendships are increasingly making the case for being the country’s most progressive electronic act.  They describe new release It’s Vermentino Dickhead as a “collection of edits, cuts and tools”, but even as a set of off-cuts it’s light years ahead in terms of it’s ambitious sound design and personal/political themes.

The Milwaukee Banks remix is our favourite – it reframes the laconic spits of Milwaukee Banks frontman Dyl inside a disorienting sonic world that sits somewhere between Massive Attack and the world of contemporary UK garage. The end result sounds kind of like an amazing The Streets remix, but from the future.

Other guests on the comp include Abe Nouk, Melbourne-based refugee-turned-poet and founder of Creative Rebellion Youth, as well as Kirin Callinan, Fortunes, SHOUSE (dance side project for The Harpoons) and thelovelyme, who is part of Melbourne’s best kept secret boy band, the incredible RaRa.

tl;dr: this release from friendships represents the bleeding edge of Australian electronic music. Essential listening.

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