Wauwatosa reveal second single “Dare”

Norwegian collaborative dream-pop project Wauwatosa presents the second single from their forthcoming debut album. This one features vocals from Oslo-based friend and regular collaborator Emilie Storaas.

Stream it below on Bandcamp, or on the platform of your choice (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) here.

Sigurd Ytre-Anne (one half of Wauwatosa) says:

“Our last song Snakes arrived on a plane, the idea of ​​Dare came while on the tram. I wrote down some synths inspired by a Mew song, and made a quick beat inspired a little bit by Burial. The rest of the song is made in collaboration with Emilie Storaas and Martin. It is sung like a kind of duet, but the two narrators are telling different versions of the same love story.”

Emilie Storaas says:

“This song is about what happens when someone makes you believe in an illusion – they catch you and make you believe in a glossy version of how they want to be perceived. That feeling of being completely engrossed in another person who then takes advantage of your obsession.”

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