Albrecht La’Brooy – Eventide


Melbourne’s finest sonic experimentalists Albrecht La’Brooy are back with a preview of an upcoming 4-track E.P. full of cleverly composed jazz piano, house beats and field recordings. Each preview is roughly 2 minutes, and represents a different time in the journey of a night, from 10PM to 4AM.

It begins with the light and breezy house groove of “Queens Bridge (10PM)” but ends with a brooding and dark sonic representation of late night public transport in “Last Tram (4AM)”. The overwhelming weight of the piece is incredible, with the recorded tram voiceover somehow sounding sinister in this cacophony of ambient recordings and dark twinkles of piano. Albrecht La’Brooy continue to carve out their own lane with high class ideas, style and execution – we can’t wait to hear the full project.


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