Olaf Stuut & Marlon Penn – Maze (Floex Remix)


Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex has released an almost nine minute long remix of Olaf Stuut’s “Maze“. While the original track featured Marlon Penn’s vocals in a slow prog-rock build-up to frenetic live drumming, Floex’s version loses both in favour of a bass-heavy house beat, skittering electronic percussion, twinkling keyboards and manipulated industrial noise.

Over the several distinct movements, the listener is raised to the point of pulsating exaltation and is left with a lasting impression as it fades out. This song is a far-cry from Floex’s electro-quirkiness found in the critically acclaimed Machinarium soundtrack, instead Floex has created a piece that has a sustained mystique and dark aura that appears in many forms throughout it’s constantly changing structure.

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