Good Morning – Step Aside / Oppsie



It’s always good news when the local Melbourne gems Good Morning release new music, which makes us pleased to say they’ve released a gorgeous new two-track into the world. With “Step Aside” providing some slyly barbed political commentary on Australian politics and “Oppsie” continuing their cleverly downplayed existential lyrics – both tracks are a great example of how two songs they may call ‘scraps’ actually remind us why they’re such a notable and unique band in Melbourne.

They’ve limited themselves to less ambitious instrumentation then previous releases – and with the simple layout of drums, guitar, bass and vocals providing the bulk of the songs the focus is squarely on the songwriting. This makes the duo’s vocal layering in the second half of “Oppsie” that much more beautiful and the all too fleeting saxophone solo in “Step Aside” so satisfying.


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