ENTRO// – Wave 92′


The newest release from the prolific Melbourne beat-maker ENTRO// is Wave 92′ – a 26-track tape released through Groove Penguin Records. Despite its tremendous track-listing, these are not sketches or brief ideas like you may find other beat-tapes filled with: these are fully-formed tracks that float by with fluctuating samples and endearingly nostalgic instrumentation.

The aesthetic of the tape is hard to pinpoint but is always interesting: 1980s R&B vocal chops and Rhodes keys, soulful saxophone melodies, pianos that play metallic melodies or jazz chords buried in dust, sun-drenched strings and scattered pieces of down-tuned hip-hop acappellas.

After selling out his personal stash of cassettes in a day, this young producer is proving himself to be an exciting and hardworking artist in the Melbourne scene. Our favourites from the tape are “No Strap” with drums that snap a sleazily lurching saxophone melody in place, and the soulful vocal re-arrangement in “Forget”.

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