Bangalore Whispers (feat. MD Pallavi) – Andi Otto


Andi Otto, a German Cellist and producer, has teamed up with South Indian vocalist MD Pallavi for an enchanting collaboration. Otto’s instrumental features droning strings, P-Funk synths, a static-laced beat and ominously deep piano chords. MD Pavalli’s vocals ride through this with a gentle whisper, beguiling scale runs, and unforeseeable changes in delivery and melody that lead you deeper and deeper into this hypnotising world of cultural cross-over.

Otto uses his electronic percussion and synthesisers in this collaboration almost as an outward expression of his Hamburg heritage, so that MD Pavalli’s carnatic (traditional South-Indian) syllables are strengthened even more by having such disparate worlds of music collide. This is truly incomparable music from a duo we can only hope to hear more from.


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